Haitian Wedding Practices

Like marriage ceremony traditions consist of regions, haitian wedding traditions vary by simply region, relatives and couple. They also often echo influences from other western cultures as well as what the couple chooses to be important to all of them on their big day.

One of the traditional haitian wedding ceremony customs is a procession where the bride and groom walk from their home to the church with regard to their marriage ceremony. The bridesmaids and other friends walk behind them, usually using multicolored dresses or aprons.

The couple then makes its way into the house of worship and is led down the avenue by a daddy. This is a point in time of déclaration and love for the soon-to-be couple.

Traditionally, the bride and groom are put on opposite facets of the altar underneath a chuppah. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3774694/ astrology and online dating The chuppah symbolizes their house haitian women at the same time and also denotes which a parent should not interfere inside the couple’s romance.

A Haitian wedding party should generally last three several hours or more and feature numerous music and dancing. It may have a sermon and choral options as well. Friends and family members are encouraged to read beautifully constructed wording during the commemoration, too.


Another haitian wedding customized is the exchange of rings. This is usually done early inside the ceremony, as the clergyman touches the foreheads of this bride and groom with the rings.

CANDLES: The bride and groom hold wax lights that be reminded of their love for each various other, as well as the mild of Christ in their lives.