How Much Does A Professional Forex Trader Make


Every single Forex trader has their own budget in the Forex trading market. Depending on the amount of money that one is willing to trade, the income will increase or decrease. In general, professional traders are more likely to have an income of about 10-20% of their trade.

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If you manage to keep your balance positive, you are al considered to be a successful Forex trader. Before we talk about the ways to make a decent income in Forex trading, it is worth talking about the mistakes that most beginners make while trading. Reading the stories of profitable Forex traders’ road to success can also give you ideas on what to do, as well as which mistakes to avoid, without sacrificing any of your trading capital. If you can make winning trades and constant profits with a small/medium trading account, then you can do the same with a bigger account. If you think about it, most professionals follow some kind of routine, whether that be singers, athletes, or doctors.

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Is it possible to trade Forex for a living?

He spent a year studying everything he could about the financial markets before taking the plunge and borrowing $3,000 on his credit card for his first investment to end with a profit of $22,000. When trading with short term trading strategies, you have more control over your income from Forex. If your small position does not work and you end up losing money, you have the ability to quickly change your strategy and try something new. If you want to have a stable Forex income per month, you will have to dedicate a lot of time to Forex trading. No matter what you do, if you want to be successful, you have to use a large chunk of your free time to practice, learn, and grow.

  • Commissions are typically based on position size, and for that we need to make some assumptions.
  • Unfortunately, automatic trading does not give you full control over your trading account.
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  • This is because you are winning more of your trades, so losses will do less damage because they won’t accrue as much.

In the U.S., you can begin trading when Australian and Asian markets open on Sunday at 5 p.m. ET and continue trading as other markets open and close through Friday at 4 p.m. Therefore, you can take a position of one standard lot with a five-pip stop-loss order, which will keep the risk of loss to $50 on the trade. That also means that a winning trade is worth $80 (8 pips x $10). The way I see it is im unlikely to have the kind of account size to earn a living from trading around my current job.


You have a forex trading strategy that wins 70% of the time, with an average of 1 to 3 risk to reward. Instead, top-performing traders built their success by developing an evaluation strategy that utilizes multiple indicators alongside other relevant forex data, including global economic news. Mastering the use of leverage is also important for anyone who wants to successfully rank as a top-earning trader. When used, it means that you can make trades for more capital than you actually have. The use of leverage in any capacity is linked to your attitude to risk. If you want to use leverage on a large scale in an attempt to push your profit levels up, you’re going to need to take bigger risks, which can result in both negative and positive account fluctuations.

To get access to the forex market, place bids, buy and sell currencies, you need to have a forex broker. The forex broker connects the buyer/trader to the market’s available assets and facilitates the exchange. Work environment for professional traders can vary significantly, depending on whether you are self-employed or work for a company. At the moment, the trading industry is expected to grow over the next decade by 4–6%, despite an earlier decline in demand. This is good news for everyone thinking of becoming a professional trader.

How Much Does a Swing Trader Make Per Year?

We have a trading income calculator on this site to help you do your calculations. To become a forex trader, you will need knowledge of the industry and basic trading principles. The best way to make money with Forex is to forget about making money.


In other words, a successful trader needs to know what is happening around them. Brokers are proxies that connect traders with financial markets, then match and negotiate trades between different parties across these markets. Beginners can use brokers to learn about new trading strategies and techniques and incorporate them later in their own trading style. In this case, free online resources won’t be as helpful as they tend to describe more generic strategies and techniques without going into details. To learn more advanced and efficient strategies, you might need to consider finding a professional trader to give you lessons or advice on the topic . It’s common practice to see how other professional traders approach trading and then build your own trading strategies based on their successful experiences.

However, most retail traders lose money in the forex markets, due to poor risk management and trading strategies. Inform yourself about different strategies, pick reputable forex brokers, understand currency pairs, and learn about technical analysis and how real-world events impact the forex market. The better informed you are, the easier it will be to get into forex trading. Also, keep an eye on other forex traders and see what they do to make successful trades. This category has already learned not only to get to break-even point but also to receive a certain income.

There is no data for this because it is a global occupation, and we have to piece together data from all the brokers in the world, and they do not publicly release this data. Forex income in Malaysia is taxable, but the capital gains are not taxable. It might make sense for you to determine the difference between Forex income and Forex capital gains. In the USA, you do have to pay Forex income tax and the rate can be as high as 37%, so you will want to be sure to include taxes into all net revenue calculations.

Using Leverage 👇

Assume that the averagestop losson each trade is 5 pips away from the entry. A pip of movement will result in a $10 gain or loss with a standard lot, so losing 5 pips would mean a $50 loss, which is our specified maximum. In addition, each category of traders has its own subjective evaluation indicators. So, beginners consider 1% per day to be very low profitability.

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The amount of income of different traders fluctuates and largely depends on the initial capital. For this reason, it makes no sense to consider the possible profit in absolute terms. An important factor affecting the income is the practical experience of the market participant, so they should be divided into several categories. Like any other investment arena, the forex market has its own unique characteristics.

If you’re day trading a currency pair such as the USD/CAD, you can risk $50 on each trade, and each pip of movement is worth $10 with a standard lot . A higher win rate for trades means more flexibility with your risk/reward, and a high risk/reward means that your win rate can be lower, and you’ll still be profitable. While a strategy can potentially have many components and can be analyzed for profitability in various ways, a strategy is often ranked based on its win rate and risk/reward ratio.

Trades Per Day, 2.5:1 Reward:Risk, 60% Win Rate

In other words, a currency’s value rises in response to demand and falls in response to a decrease in demand. The optimal time to buy and sell currencies is when they are at their lowest value. It could be required to short-sell assets if a trader is in a downward trend when trading, which entails borrowing, selling, buying back, and returning the borrowed item. In this scenario, the trader profits if the asset price increases during the sale and decreases during the purchase. Keep in mind that trading on luck alone might result in significant losses. The time needed to become a professional Forex trader is different for everyone.

It is worth noting that profit in the Forex market is usually considered in percentages and not in absolute numbers. Compared to traditional methods of earning money, working in Foreign exchange has some advantages. The common question that newcomer independent Forex traders ask is regarding the average income of a Forex trader.

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A broker with relative commission can charge $1 for every $100,000 in a currency pair that is sold or bought. If a trader buys $1,000,000 EUR/USD, the broker receives $10 as commission. There is virtually an endless number of possible lines of technical analysis that a trader can apply to a chart. Trading it well and producing consistent profits is difficult.

In order to it profitably, a trader must learn these characteristics through time, practice, and study. In short, a good trader places stop-loss orders at a level that will protect his trading capital from suffering excessive losses. A great trader does that while also avoiding being needlessly stopped out of a trade and thus missing out on a genuine profit opportunity.